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Metadata Decimation

KLV/SDI metadata sources can be frame-decimated to reduce the bandwidth used by the metadata service. You can also create additional HD-SDI sources linked to the same video input which can be configured to different decimation settings (as well as security reclassification and mission ID override) as needed. For example, you can have one high bitrate stream sending out all the KLV as well as a lower bitrate stream that uses KLV decimation. You can either specify a decimation factor for a metadata source or set the decimation rate to match a reference video encoder frame-rate. See decimation in the metadata parameters table. 

Example #1: Metadata Decimation

To reduce the KLV bitrate on BNC-1 by half (i.e., divided by 2):

# metadata 1 set decimation=2
Metadata source configured successfully.

Example #2: Decimating at the Same Rate as a Video Encoder

To configure a metadata source to decimate at the same rate as a reference video encoder configured to use the same SDI input:

# metadata 1 set decimation=videnc0
Metadata source configured successfully.
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