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Hardware Maintenance

The following maintenance tasks are recommended for the Makito X4 appliance. 

Cleaning the Ventilation Intake-Outtake

To clean the intake and outtake vents, use a dry cloth or an aspiration device approved for electronic equipment.

Maintenance should be done every 6 months (more often in a dusty environment).

Monitoring the Fan Operation

There is no system level monitoring of the fan operation. However, it is recommended that you check to see if the fan is operating in one of two ways:

  • If the appliance is easily accessible, turn the unit over and listen (an operational fan makes a humming noise).
  • You can check the Web Interface (Status page) or use the CLI (temperature get command) to get information from the built-in temperature sensors. If the internal temperature of the unit is rising, that is an indication that the fan may not be operating properly.

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