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Status Settings

The following table lists the Status settings. Status information can be useful for troubleshooting and may be forwarded to Haivision Technical Support if you are requesting technical support.

Status Setting



(Makito X4 non-rugged Encoder only, with SMPTE 2110 license installed) Select between SDI, SQD (version 1.6 and later), and SMPTE 2110 input. This setting will take effect upon the next reboot. 

Card Status

OK (or error message if applicable).

Card Type

The type of device, e.g., Makito X4 SDI Encoder.

Part Number

The Haivision part number for the encoder or decoder, e.g., B-MX4E-SDI4 or S-MX4D-SDI.

Serial Number

The serial number for this appliance or card.

Firmware Version

The firmware version of the device, e.g., 1.0.0-23.

Firmware Date

The firmware release date.

Hardware Version

The hardware version of the device.

Hardware Compatibility

-001G or -002G (basic card assembly).

Carrier Type

(Makito X4 Rugged Encoder only) The interface carrier board.


In Release 1.2, the number of CVBS inputs supported depends on the Carrier Type. "Makito 4KR" indicates the three-input variant, whereas "Makito 4KR 12G" indicates the four-input variant. 

CPLD Version

The CPLD version of the device.

Boot Version

The Boot version of the device.

System Uptime

The length of time the encoder or decoder has been "up" and running (e.g., 4 days 17:42:03).

Encoding Chipset Load

(Encoder only) The combined video encoding processor usage in percentage% (combining both Hi and Lo streams).

TemperatureThe current board temperature in degrees Celsius.

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