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Configure Audio Settings

From the Audio Encoders pages, you can configure up to 16 independent audio encoders to apply to streams.

  1. Click Streaming on the sidebar.
  2. Select the Audio Encoders tab.
    The Audio Encoders List View displays information at a glance for the audio encoders.
  3. Click the Sort A-Z dropdown menu to view the sorting options. The audio encoder list view can be sorted in Ascending or Descending order, or by: 

    • Name 
    • Input
    • Resolution
    • Codec
    • Bitrate
    • State
  4. To configure audio encoders, use the icons to the far right of the panel, or click the checkbox on the far left.
    From each individual panel, you can Start/Stop
    , Mute/Unmute
    the audio encoder.
  5. To select all audio encoders, click the checkbox at the top of the list. Once checked, you can Start, Stop, Mute, or Unmute all audio encoders at one time.
  6. To configure the audio encoder settings, click the Settings icon

    . The panel will expand to show the current settings, from here you can modify the:

    • Input
    • Channel Mode
    • Bitrate
    • Sample Rate
    • AAC-LC Algorithm 
    • Language

    See Audio Encoder Settings (in the User's Guide).

  7. Click Apply to save any changes made to the settings.
  8. To view statistics, click the Statistics icon

    . From here, you can also reset the audio encoder statistics by clicking the Reset button.
    See Audio Encoder Statistics.  

    See Audio Encoder Statistics (in the User's Guide). 

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