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Audio Encoder Statistics

The following table lists the Audio Encoder statistics: 

Audio Encoder Statistic



The current operating status of the encoder, indicated by the status icon, either:

  • – Encoding 
  • – Muted 
  • – Stopped    

Encoded Frames

Number of encoded frames.

Encoded Bytes

Number of encoded bytes.

Encoded Bitrate

The audio bitrate used for the encoder (in kbps).

Encoder Errors

Number of audio encoding errors.

Encoder PTS

The current encoder Presentation Time Stamp (PTS) based on a 90 kHz clock: e.g., 0x138a56483

STC Source Interface

(only available when State is Encoding) The audio input from which the audio STC (System Time Clock) is derived: either BNC-1, BNC-2, BNC-3 or BNC-4.

Maximum Sample Value

The largest sample in the last audio frame (total of 1024 samples per frame). (Duration: 21 ms)


Click to reset the Audio Encoder statistics.

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