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Exploring the Web Interface

After signing in to the Web interface, you will have access to the encoder configuration settings. All of the settings can be adjusted via the Web browser.

The Web interface opens to the Outputs List View, as shown in the following example. Your account information is displayed on the toolbar (along the top). 

On systems licensed for SMPTE ST 2110 input with the Personality set to ST 2110, the sidebar will include Inputs: 

  • To set up encoding, select the configuration option from the sidebar, for example, Video Encoders or Audio Encoders.
  • To set up streaming, select Outputs from the sidebar.
  • To access the encoder administration settings, click the 
    Administration icon on the toolbar, and then select the option, for example Network (under Settings) or Accounts (under Security).
  • To access the User Preferences or online Help, click the 

    Options Menu
     icon on the toolbar, and then select either:

    • User Preferences — Opens a dialog to configure preferences such as user interface brightness and contrast control and browser cache reset. See User Preferences.

    • Help — Opens the Haivision InfoCenter website that contains the Makito X4 documentation. See How to use the InfoCenter for tips and tricks for browsing the site.

      Options Drop-down


      If no external internet connection is available, a local Makito X4 Encoder online Help is opened in your Web browser.

  • (Where applicable) On the List View, click a link in the table to open the Detail View. For example, on the Video Encoders List View (shown below), click a link to open the Video Encoder Detail View.

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