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Install the Makito X1 Rugged Encoder

Always read the instructions carefully and keep this guide for future reference.

To install the appliance: 

  1. Position the appliance against a solid base.


    The surface temperature of the chassis can reach 95°C in poorly ventilated environments. We recommend that you fasten the appliance to a metal (cold) plate to increase heat dissipation. In add cases, adequate temperature management is required to dissipate 6 Watts of power continuously.
  2. Fasten the appliance to its support base with four screws (size M2.5 or 4-40, not included).  

    Or you can use two stainless steel, harsh-environment cable ties (up to 250 mils wide), which can be passed through slots in the chassis. 

  3. Fasten a grounding wire (10 AWG minimum) to the grounding lug using the screw and lock washer provided.


    The chassis must be properly grounded in order to provide protection against lightning strikes and other power surges.

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