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Recording Video


Record screen is where you can record a video, save it to your device, and forward it to a connected receiver.

Record Camera Interface

Take a snapshot of the current camera view.

Start/stop recording.

Pause/resume recording. You can pause and resume the recording as many times as needed and after tapping the
icon, only one recording file is generated.

Select camera input. See Video Inputs.

Enable audio capture monitoring. See Audio Monitoring.

(Varies based on settings and device) Camera settings. See Camera Settings

VU meter. The red bar can be dragged to increase or decrease the level of audio gain.

Time elapsed since recording start.

Indicates you are currently connected to a receiver. If Auto-forward is enabled, the recording will be automatically forwarded to the receiver. 

Select audio input.

Capturing Recordings

If Automatic save after record is disabled on the

Settings screen, the capture prompt opens after tapping the
icon to stop recording.

Recording Capture Prompt

From here, you can:

  • Edit the Name of the new recording.
  • Enable Forward after save to automatically forward the recording to the connected receiver after tapping Save.
  • Enable the Metadata toggle to add Keywords and a Description. This metadata can be viewed in the saved .MOV file.
  • Tap Save to download the recording to your device.
  • Tap Delete to cancel and return to the camera interface.

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