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Choose Settings from the User menu to display a panel where you can enter or modify certain settings associated with your LightFlow account:

User Profile

Under the User Profile tab, you can view your Username, the creation date for your account, and any associated Billing info.

You can also modify your Password, and generate an API token:


Under the Notifications tab, you can enter one or more email addresses to which messages will be sent reporting the success or failure of publishing operations (see also Callbacks):

Certain notifications will also appear in the notifications menu. Hover the cursor over an item to see details:

Reference Bitrate Ladder

Under the Reference Bitrate Ladder tab, you can specify a set of renditions (bitrate + resolution) for SD/HD and 4K inputs, which can then be used to compare against the quality that you get with the renditions that LightFlow proposes (based on our Content Aware Optimization analysis). When LightFlow does the analysis for each video, it presents the graphical results in the Video Comparator explaining how the quality versus bit rate varies based on different settings, including the optimized settings recommended by LightFlow.


Under the Reports tab, you can quantify the parameters used by LightFlow to estimate your quality optimizations and cost savings:

  • Available user bandwidth (Kbps)
  • Start buffer length (seconds)
  • Encoding cost per minute
  • Storage cost per GB
  • Delivery cost per GB
  • Estimated play times (plays/asset)
  • Average playtime (minutes/asset)

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