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The LightFlow API uses token-based Bearer Authentication (also called token authentication) which is an HTTP authentication scheme that involves security tokens called "bearer tokens". In OpenAPI 3.0, Bearer authentication is a security scheme with type http and scheme bearer. LightFlow uses the JSON Web Token (JWT) format.

Security Scheme TypeHTTP
HTTP Authorization Schemebearer
Bearer formatJWT (JSON Web Token)

Getting an API Token

A default token is generated automatically for every new user. The token can be viewed under Settings of the LightFlow portal.

Your current API token appears under User Profile. Click Regenerate to create a new token:

Once you have the token, you can use any command line application to send commands to LightFlow. You don’t need to interact with the portal anymore.  A LightFlow token does not expire, although you can regenerate a token at any time. Typically, you will want to generate an API token before you start integrating API calls into an ecosystem, such as a CMS, a player, or some other external system that uses LightFlow. If you refresh the token, you will have to update all the components in your ecosystem that are consuming LightFlow.

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