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Content Preparation Profiles

Content preparation profiles are encoding configurations that can be saved and used in Workflows. A content preparation profile defines how the video will be prepared prior to delivery.

Two types of Content Preparation Profiles can be created: Content Aware Optimization (LightFlow will automatically determine the bitrate ladder based on the analysis of the content and your business requirements) and Static Ladder (a fixed set of renditions at the output). 

To edit a profile in the list click on the corresponding pencil icon. Click the trashcan icon to delete it.

To view a summary of a profile, click on its name in the list:

To create a new profile, click on either the Content Aware Optimization or the Static Ladder button, and then provide the necessary details.


You can make sure that Filter by input bitrate box is always enabled for a static ladder profile by setting the inputBitrateFilter parameter to true in Developer Mode.

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