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Services Settings

The configurable Services are as follows: 

SSHSecure Shell, a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices.
RecordingEnables recordings of Kraken outputs, which can be saved to a file on local or NFS storage. All Kraken instance types support recording.
SDI captureEnables video capture and encoding of SDI input from a DeckLink Micro Recorder device.
GigE captureEnables video capture and encoding of input from a GigE Vision camera.
NDI captureEnables video capture and encoding of input from a Network Device Interface (NDI) device.
ST2110 captureEnables video capture and encoding of ST2110 input from an SFP SDI to IP gateway device.
Analog captureEnables video capture and encoding of Analog input from a V4L2 device.

(Multi-NIC systems) Selects which network interfaces allow access to the Kraken Web and API interface.

  1. In the Webserver row, click the Settings icon
  2. On the Webserver dialogue, toggle All Interfaces on, or select one or more of the available interfaces.
  3. Click Apply.


At least one network interface must always be enabled.

RTSP Server

Enables RTSP streaming to remote clients. For information on how to configure the RTSP Server, see RTSP Server Service and Configuring RTSP Outputs.

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