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Transport Characteristics

Kraken can encode, transcode, and route media content from raw and network inputs to network outputs.

While MPEG 2 Transport Streams are the primary protocol supported by the Kraken Media pipeline, other formats and protocols are supported to provide Kraken users with the flexibility to convert formats between Kraken Input and Kraken Output.
Kraken Inputs support multiple types of video sources on both raw and network sources. Kraken Outputs supports multiple types of network destinations. These Kraken Inputs and Outputs are listed below:

Kraken Network Inputs:

  • TS over UDP, SRT, TCP
  • RTSP
  • RAW Motion JPEG
  • MJPEG over HTTP
  • RTMP

Kraken Raw Inputs:

  • SDI
  • SMPTE ST2110
  • GigE
  • NDI
  • Analog Capture

Kraken Outputs:

  • TS over UDP, SRT, TCP
  • RTMP
  • TS Segment Archive
  • HLS

When transcoding, Kraken will de-interlace the source content producing a progressive output stream.


The presence of Referenced B-Frames, streams without a "low-delay" bit set in the stream, and/or streams where the audio and video are not interleaved can cause an increase in latency.

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