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Configuring Input Parameters

To view and configure the input parameters of an existing input:

  1. From the Inputs List view, click the Settings icon
    on an existing input to expand parameters of any input, as in the following example:

  2. Select or enter values in the fields to configure the input. For further details, see Input Settings
  3. The Input parameters vary depending on the hardware setup of the appliance (or VM or cloud service, if applicable) and the Input Source selected. 
    • For transcoding, select either TS over UDP (default), TS over SRT, RTSP, Raw Motion JPEG (MJPEG), or RTMP.
    • To configure video encoding, select either ST2110, GigE Vision, Network Device Interface (NDI), SDI DeckLink Micro Recorder 1, or Analog Capture 1 input.  
      For details on input sources, see Input Settings.
  4. To configure SRT input, select TS over SRT for the Source and then complete the additional fields under SRT Settings. See SRT Input Settings
    Encoding Sources
    • ST2110: (Kraken running as VM on hardware with SFP SDI to IP gateway installed and ST2110 input licensed) To capture and encode uncompressed video over SDI, select ST2110 for the Source and then complete the additional fields. See "ST2110 Capture" (under Input Settings).

    • GigE Vision: (Kraken appliance or VM with GigE Vision input licensed) To capture and encode video from a GigE Vision camera, select GigE Vision for the Source and then complete the additional fields. See "GigE Vision Capture" (under Input Settings). 
      The camera must be GigE Vision 2.1 compliant, and the camera IP address must set up on same network as Kraken for access.
    • NDI: (Kraken appliance or running as VM with NDI input licensed) To capture and encode Network Device Interface video, select NDI for the Source and then select the NDI Source Name. See "NDI" (under Input Settings).    
    • SDI DeckLink: (Kraken appliance with SDI capture card installed) To capture and encode HD/SD-SDI video, select SDI DeckLink Micro Recorder 1 for the Source and then select the Capture Mode. See "DeckLink Mode" (under Input Settings).


      For HD/SD-SDI encoding, begin by using "Autodetect" for the DeckLink Mode. If this does not work correctly on your system, refer to "DeckLink Mode" (under Input Settings) for details on manually selecting the DeckLink Mode.

    • Analog Capture: (Kraken appliance with Analog Composite capture card installed) To capture and encode Analog Composite video, select Analog Capture 1 for the Source and then select the Capture Mode. See "Analog Capture Mode" (under Input Settings).
  5. To apply your changes, click Apply.
  6. To view statistics for SDI (DeckLink) or Analog Capture encoding inputs, click Statistics. For details, see Input Statistics.


You can view statistics for other input types from the Streams Statistics page, including SRT Statistics graphs. For more information, see Viewing Kraken Statistics.

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