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What's New for 3.10.1

Kraken v3.10.1 introduces the following features and enhancements:

  • RTSP Server Improvements: Kraken has enhanced support for video-only RTSP outputs to downstream systems (e.g. Milestone and Genetec). 
    See Transcoder Parameters for RTSP and Configuring RTSP Outputs  
  • Port Usage for RTSP Outputs: Documentation has been updated with detailed instructions on proper port usage for RTSP outputs. 
    See RTSP Server Service
  • Automatic Source Recovery: Retry source connections when lost for RTSP, MJPEG, and similar source types that rely on TCP-based connections.
  • Multi-Network Streaming: 3.10.1 features an improved network interface affinity for Kraken Inputs and Kraken Outputs, including multicast.
  • Preserve KLV Sync: 3.10.1 has addressed an issue where Synchronous KLV was corrupted through Bypass and Transcode streams.

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