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RTSP Server Service

The RTSP server in Kraken enables the Kraken transcoder to interoperate with Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)-based clients which pull media from Kraken. These clients include desktop players like QuickTime and VideoLan VLC, as well as Video Management Servers (VMS) like those from Milestone and Genetec.


Network Port Utilization for RTSP Outputs

When Running, the Kraken RTSP Server service binds to ports to support TCP, UDP, and UDP multicast traffic types within the RTSP ecosystem. By default:

  • TCP streaming uses the standard 554 port. To configure this port via the Kraken API/UI, go to Admin>Services. See RTSP Server Service
  • UDP streaming uses port 8000 for RTP and 8001 for RTCP traffic.
  • Multicast UDP uses port 8002 for RTP and 8003 for RTCP traffic within the address space.

For systems that wish to use these ports for other streaming activities, the RTSP Server ports in use can be manually adjusted from the command line. Alternatively, UDP and UDP Multicast transport mechanisms can be disabled entirely which would free the ports above when running the RTSP Server.

Please contact support for assistance in adjusting these parameters.

The RTSP Server Service can be configured to operate from the Services page:

  1. On the Services page, toggle the RTSP button to On.
  2. Click

    Configure next to the RTSP toggle.

  3. If applicable, type in the desired RTSP Port number in the dialogue box.  


    The default RTSP server port is 554. 

  4. Click Apply.

  5. If you have active streams using RTSP pull outputs, you must manually restart the Kraken to apply the RTSP port change.

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