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Transcoder Parameters for RTSP

Transcoder settings should be taken into consideration when creating RTSP outputs (either PUSH or PULL). To ensure the compatibility of RTSP outputs with certain Video Management Systems (VMS) like those from Milestone or Genetec, we recommend using the following Transcoder parameters.

  1. Video Parameters: 

    • Use Hardware or Software encoder based on Kraken instance capabilities
    • Format: H.264 (AVC) 

    • Video Bitrates: between 2000kbps and 6000kbps (depending on desired stream quality)

    • Resolution Frame Rate: as desired

    • KLV Metadata: optional

    • Framing: IP Framing (to minimize latency)

    • GOP size: 60-200 frames

  2. Audio Parameters:


    Including audio is optional.

    • Audio Codec: MPEG2 AAC ADTS
    • (If connecting to Milestone) Connect Milestone audio to the configured stream and specify AAC as the Audio Codec

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