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Kraken Features

Kraken is designed to be used by consumers of HD video who are contending with high bitrate / high quality streams that are either too big to transport over some network segments or too costly for users' end points to render the video smoothly.

As a transcoder, Kraken takes the stream from a source URL, re-encodes the audio/video, and sends it out as a new stream with different encoding characteristics. The characteristics that may be changed include Audio Bitrate, Video Bitrate, Video Resolution, Frame Rate, Group of Pictures (GOP) size, and Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU).

As a baseband encoder (Kraken CR platform), Kraken captures and encodes/processes baseband digital video, digital audio and ancillary metadata.

Kraken may be controlled and managed either through a Web interface or a Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API). For details on the API, please refer to the Kraken API v2.0 Integrator's Guide.

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