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Transport Characteristics

Kraken input streams may be either UDP unicast (the stream is sent to Kraken), UDP multicast, or TCP unicast (the stream is either sent to Kraken, or Kraken obtains the stream). Input streams may be CBR, VBR or Constant Quantizer (ConstQ). The maximum bandwidth of a single input stream is 20 Mbps.

Output streams may be either UDP unicast (the stream is sent to a third party device), UDP multicast, or TCP unicast (Kraken either listens for a request or sends a stream to a third party device). Output streams are VBR. The maximum single bandwidth for an output stream is 20 Mbps. 

Kraken supports downscaling, de-interlacing, and selection of the frame rate in frames per second to allow users to select the exact output frame rate for a transcoder session. Note that "Auto" uses the same frame rate as the source stream.


The presence of Referenced B-Frames, streams without a "low-delay" bit set in the stream, and/or streams where the audio and video are not interleaved can cause an increase in latency.

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