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Kraken API v2.0 Integrator's Guide


Kraken REST API v1.0 has been deprecated and replaced by API v2.0.

Introduced as part of Kraken release 3.0, the Kraken API v2.0 is a modern REST API stack that provides all functionality from the Kraken Web UI and is also harmonized with other Haivision appliances.

Kraken API v2.0 is designed for system integrators to incorporate stream configuration and management from Kraken into their management software for applications deployed within tactical communications kits.

To authenticate against a Kraken server, see Session-Based Authentication .

The REST API documentation for API v2.0 is available on every Kraken device at the /apidoc route. For instance, when appending to your Kraken hostname, the API documentation is available at /apidoc . See  Accessing API v2.0 Documentation .

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