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Configuring the Kraken Virtual Machine


For GPU devices that require 16GB or above of memory, the virtual machine must boot in EFI or UEFI mode for correct GPU use. A Kraken OVA that supports EFI boot is required to create an EFI-bootable Kraken VM. (If you import a Kraken OVA that supports EFI boot, the Boot Options->Firmware field is set to EFI automatically.)

Now that the VM's IP address is known and configured, it is time to enable the hardware pass-through to the Virtual Machine.

  1. Close the VM console window and "Shut Down" the Kraken VM using the hypervisor.
  2. Select the Kraken VM and then select Actions→Edit Settings→VM Options.
  3. Expand Advanced, select Configuration Parameters and then +Add Parameter. 

  4. Add the following parameter: svga.vgaonly = "TRUE"


    Adding svga.vgaonly = "TRUE" as a configuration parameter improves stability for Kraken instances with GPU passthrough enabled.

  5. Follow the steps below based on the capture card(s) installed.

Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV)

  1. Make the following strategic modifications:
    • Increase CPU count from 2 to the desired number. 
      More CPU's assigned to the Kraken device increases its ingest and video reformatting capabilities.
    • Under Memory, make the "Reservation" setting equal to the "RAM" setting. 4096 is the default and will work for both.
    • Choose "Add other device"→"USB Device". 
      At the bottom you will see a "New USB device" called "Blackmagic design DeckLink Micro Recorder".
    • Choose "Add other device"→"PCI Device" three times. 
      All three of them will say "Iris Pro Graphics P580 - 0000:00:02.0".
    • Leave one of them alone, and set the other two PCI Devices to be "DeckLink Micro Recorder - 0000:02:00.0" and "CX23885 PCI Video and Audio Decoder - 0000:03:00.0".
  2. Click Save.

Following are screen shots of the settings after all of the modifications are done.

Virtual Machine Strategic Modifications

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