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Switching Subscriptions

Subscriptions are separate containers within an organization. You can use these to organize users and routes according to activity and billing groups. For instance, if you have different groups of operation in your organization (e.g., cost centers), you could create subscriptions for different billing codes. 


Remember routes are only visible from the subscription in which they were created. For instance, if you create a route under subscription n, you can only see that route if subscription n is currently selected.

To change subscriptions:

  1. Click your Profile name 

    in the navigation sidebar.

    Haivision Hub Control Center dashboard with profile panel open.

  2. Once the Profile panel appears, click the desired subscription. If you have more than one available subscription, choose from those listed (

    ). The blue highlight 
     indicates the currently selected subscription. 


    If you are an Admin, see Managing Subscriptions for alternative means of switching subscriptions and the context for doing so.

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