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Creating an Input Hublet

To create an Input Hublet:

  1. In the Hublet view, click the + button next to the Input Hublets.
  2. When the dialog opens, select the Hublet type

     such as LIVE contribution encoders or streaming servers.


    The RTMP Input Hublet has two modes: Client and Server. Server mode will provide you with an ingest URL once the route is started. This URL will be used every time the route is started. See the Creating a Route using RTMP Input Example for more information.

    Route Builder screen with an create Hublet panel open.

  3. When the panel appears, provide the Hublet specifics. Mandatory fields are indicated with asterisks.


    You may need to scroll the panel to view all the fields. 

    An Input Hublet edit panel.

    Sample Hublet panel.

  4. When finished, click the Create button. 
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