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Replacing the MB6 Chassis Fan Tray


You can remove and replace the fan tray without powering off the unit, which allows you to perform this maintenance procedure without stopping the service.

However, do so only if you are able to replace the fan tray within five minutes. Otherwise, we recommend that you power off the unit before replacing a fan tray to avoid overheating.

To replace the MB6 Chassis fan tray:

Refer to "MB6 Chassis Indicators and Alarms" under MB6 Removable Fan Tray to determine when to replace the fan tray. During a failure condition, the Fan LED on the fan tray will show red.


Refer to "Antistatic Precautions" in Safety Information to prevent ESD damage to the equipment.
  1. Turn the fan tray knob clockwise to unlock the fan tray.
  2. Remove the fan tray by pulling it away from the chassis. Set it on an antistatic surface or repack it in packing materials.
  3. Insert a new fan tray in the slot and slide it all the way into the chassis. (This will apply Power to the fan tray.)
  4. Turn the fan tray knob counterclockwise to lock the fan tray into the slot.
  5. If the device is powered on, listen for the fan. You should immediately hear it operating. If you do not hear it, ensure that the fan tray is inserted completely in the chassis.
  6. Verify that the Power LED is green. If the LED is not green, the fan tray is faulty. If this problem occurs, contact your customer service representative for a replacement part.

Replacement fan trays are also available from Haivision. Please contact your sales representative or email Haivision at:

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