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MB6 Removable Fan Tray

The MB6 chassis has a removable fan tray located on the right side (as shown in the figure below). 

For the fan tray replacement part (#F-MB6X-FAN), see MB6 Replacement Part Ordering Information.

MB6 Fan Tray LED Indicators and Alarms

The following table summarizes the functions of the MB6 fan tray LED indicators. It also describes the alarm behaviors when faults occur.

Indicator Color & DescriptionConfiguration
Power LEDFan LEDAudible AlarmIndication
OFFOFFOFFNo power to chassis.
Solid GreenSolid GreenOFFPower applied to chassis and no issue/fault is reported.
Solid GreenSolid RedON

Chassis Power-ON – Fault(s) Detected.

The following faults will trigger the audible alarm and turn the FAN LED to RED:

  • One, some, or all fans are blocked,
  • One, some, or all fans have no power,
  • An electrical short is detected (V+ to GND) on the fan tray,
  • Thermocouple is missing,
  • Thermocouple is shorted,
  • Ambient temperature is over 55°C.
Solid GreenSolid RedOFF

Chassis Power-ON – Fault(s) Detected – Mute button (Alarm ON/OFF) pushed.

To mute the audible alarm, push the Alarm ON/OFF button. Once the button is pushed, the alarm is muted.

To re-activate the alarm, push the Alarm ON/OFF button a second time.

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