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MB6 Chassis Introduction

Haivision's Makito X/X4 and classic Makito encoders/decoders and Torpedo DVB-to-IP gateways are available as single product appliances or as independent mini-blades. For installations where rack mounting is desired, the MB6 High Density Multichannel Chassis can contain up to 6 blades, respectively, within the single highest density platform available. MB series enclosures feature redundant power supplies, allow for in-service blade replacement, and incorporate fan-management circuitry to minimize fan noise.

  • MB6 series enclosures can be populated with any combination of Haivision's Makito X/X4, classic Makito and Barracuda encoders and decoders, as well as Torpedo DVB-to-IP gateways.


All blades manufactured by Haivision are hot-swap capable, meaning that they can be installed and removed with the chassis powered.

The single rack unit (1RU) MB6 6-Slot chassis is available in three power supply types:

  • F-MB6X-RAC: Redundant AC Power supply (Dual-Input, Dual-Power supply)
  • F-MB6X-MED: Medical Grade AC power supply, Non-Redundant (Single-Input, Single power supply)
  • F-MB6X-DC: DC Power supply, Non-Redundant (Single-Input, Dual-Power supply)


References to "MB6" can be taken to include any of the above, unless specifically stated otherwise.

MB6 Chassis Front


F-MB6X-RAC Chassis Rear


 F-MB6X-MED Chassis Rear


F-MB6X-DC Chassis Rear

For chassis connector details, see Powering Up the MB6.

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