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Adding a Session

This section shows how to add a session from the Library's Sessions screen.


To schedule a session from the Scheduling screen, see Scheduling an Event.

To add a session:

  1. On the Library screen, click Sessions on the menu bar.
  2. Click Create Session on the action bar
  3. On the Session Information pane, enter a name and description to identify the session. A default name is provided consisting of "Session - <date>, <time>".

    Available sources are listed in the sidebar. For details on selecting and previewing sources for the session, see Previewing Sources.

  4. Select one or more sources from the list of Available Sources.
    By default, the session will start immediately, with no end time specified, and will be unscheduled, one time.

  5. To schedule the session, set up a recurring event, or record the session, see Scheduling an Event (Steps #5 through #7).
  6. Click Save.

    The new session is added to the Library's Sessions list.

  7. To return to the Library's Sessions list, click the
    Left Arrow
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