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Viewing KLV Data

HMP supports KLV data parsing and display as a licensable option per system. On a licensed system, you can turn on/off the display of KLV data in the player. The steps are the same for the Source, Session, or Video player.

To view KLV data in a viewer window:

  1. On the Library screen, open a video, session, or source in the player.
  2. To display KLV data, click

    More Menu
     and select either KLV Side View or KLV Overlay View.
    KLV View Options

    With Side View, the KLV data list opens beside the player:
    Side View Example

    With Overlay View, the KLV data opens inside the player pane. The KLV data is positioned within the video as defined by the KLV data in accordance with MISB ST 1909.1: Metadata Overlay for Visualization.

  3. To copy the KLV data to your clipboard, click the

    icon in the KLV title bar (this icon only appears in KLV Side View). You can then paste the data into a text editor for viewing.

  4. When viewing KLV data, additional KLV options are available by right clicking on the player:
    • To invert the font color of the KLV data, right click on the player and select Invert KLV Color. The color options are white text with black background (default) and black text with white background.
    • To copy the current latitude/longitude (frame-center metadata) to your clipboard, right click on the player and select Get Target.
    • If you have multiple KLV data tracks, right click on the player and select the track name to switch tracks. The currently selected track is identified by a • (bullet) next to its track name.
  5. To stop displaying KLV data, click the 

    More Menu
     icon and select Hide KLV.

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