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Using the Layout Editor

The Layout Editor allows you to fully customize the layout of the content sent to your connected Haivision Play Set-Top Boxes. You can define multiple regions, with each region able to contain any videos, sessions, and sources that are created on your HMP system. You may also add static images or custom HTML hosted outside of your HMP system.

After creating a new layout, the Layout Editor opens. The following figure and sections define the various elements within the editor:

Back Button

Click the Back button to close the Layout Editor and return to the Layouts list without saving. If changes have been made to the layout a confirmation dialog appears prior to leaving the Layout Editor.


The toolbar contains various buttons for interacting with the editor:

  • Undo: Undo the last action.
  • Redo: Redo an undone action.

Only available using the Freeform arrangement:

  • Bring Front: Bring the selected region in front of all other regions.
  • Send Back: Send the selected region behind all other regions.
  • Add Region: Add a region to the layout.


    A maximum of 3 regions is currently supported.

  • Delete Region: Delete the selected region from the layout.

Save Button

Click the Save button to save any changes you have made to your layout.

Region Editor

The region editor area allows you to:

  • Add objects to each region.
  • Resize each region.
  • In Freeform arrangement, move each region and or change its layering relative to other regions.
  • Select the region to delete it or edit its properties.

Play/Pause Button

Click the play button to preview the content in the layout. Click the pause button to pause the content.


Videos, sources, and sessions are not played inside the Layouts editor. Only a thumbnail image of the content is shown. 

Scrub Bar

The scrub bar allows you to jump to a different position in the layout's timeline.

Full-Screen Mode

Click to preview the layout in full-screen mode. When viewing in full-screen mode, press the Esc key to return to the Layout editor.


It is recommended to preview the layout at the same resolution as the monitors connected to the Haivision Play Set-Top Boxes.

Current Position and Duration

Indicates the current scrub bar time of the preview and the total duration of the layout.

Layout or Object Properties

When creating a new layout, this area of the editor contains the layout properties. The layout properties can also be opened by clicking on the background of the Region Editor. See Layout Properties for details on the layout properties.

After an object is added to a region, clicking on it in the region or the region's playlist opens its object properties. See Videos, Sessions, and Sources PropertiesImage Properties, and Widget Properties for details on the available object properties.

Region's Playlist

Not seen in the previous Layouts Screen image is the region playlist. When a region is selected in the Region Editor, its playlist appears below the Scrub Bar as shown below. The region playlist allows you to organize multiple objects for a particular region.

  • To add an object to the region, click +Add object.
  • To remove an object from the region's playlist, click the 
    icon in the top-left corner of the object.
  • To re-arrange objects, simply drag and drop them to their desired location in the playlist.


When adding multiple video or sources to a region's playlist, insert an image or empty widget between each to ensure proper STB and browser playback.

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