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Image Properties

The following settings are available for images:

NameCustomized name of the image. Used for labeling the object in the region playlist.
DurationDuration of the object in seconds. Indicates how long to show the image in the region.
SizingConfigures how the image is sized in the region.
  • Letter-box: Image is sized so that the entire image is always shown. If the aspect ratio of the image does not match the region's, a letterbox or pillarbox colored with the Back color value appears around the image.
  • Fill: Image fills the entire region, regardless of the aspect ratios. If the aspect ratios are different, the image is cropped.
Back color

Background color of the image. Also, if Sizing is set to Letter-box, color of the image's letterbox or pillarbox if necessary.


Set the alpha (A) value to 0 for a transparent background

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