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Source Settings

The following tables list the Source configuration settings.



HMP assigns a unique identifier (ID) to each source when it is defined.


If you are using the HMP Command Line API, you need to copy this ID to add this source to a session.

NameDate, timeEnter a name for the source. This name is selectable on the Sources list when content creators define sessions.
DescriptionEnter a description for the source.
ReceiverCurrent HMP server

To associate the source with a Media Gateway receiver for multi-site live distribution, select a defined Media Gateway from the list (see Configuring Multi-Site Live Distribution).


Select the protocol type:

  • UDP
  • SRT (see the SRT Settings section of this table)
  • RTMP (see the RTMP Settings section of this table)

  • RTSP (see the RTSP Settings section of this table)


    RTMP and RTSP are available only in multi-site live configurations when Media Gateway is selected in the Receiver dropdown.

AddressType in the IP address for the source.
PortType in the port number for the source.
Multicast StreamEnabled(UDP only) Indicates this is a multicast stream.
View DirectDisabled(UDP only) Specifies that the Haivision Play Set-Top Box uses the configured Source URL directly and not an HLS version of the stream. If a multicast source has View Direct enabled, the Web player starts the Multicast Agent to receive the source directly on the client and flip to the browser. If the source is embedded in a session or does not have View Direct enabled, the video flows through the normal multi-site live distribution mechanism (which requires at least one Media Gateway).
Low LatencyDisabled

(Available with Live Review license only) Enable the low latency player for the source.


  • Low latency is currently in Preview Mode.
  • Low latency distribution of a unicast stream from HMP uses additional system resources. Only enable this feature for streams with very limited viewership or streams that are always distributed to clients via multicast.
  • Low latency multicast delivery is incompatible with encrypted streams.
  • Closed captions are not supported by the low latency player.
IPTV ChannelDisabledSpecifies that the source is used in IPTV workflows. It is added to the IPTV Channels list (see Configuring IPTV Channels), as well as in the Program Guide on Haivision Play Set-Top Boxes. You can configure IPTV channels and assign access from here or from the IPTV Channels pane.
Channel NumberHighest channel number + 1Specifies the channel number used in the IPTV Channels list and in the Program Guide. Range = 1-9999.
EPGOffTo enable EPG display on set-top boxes, toggle the EPG button to On. (EPG must be licensed on your system.)
ScheduleFirst channel on list(EPG must be On) Select the schedule for the EPG display from the drop-down list.

SRT Source Settings


Specifies the SRT Connection Mode:

  • Caller: HMP acts like a client and connects to a server listening and waiting for an incoming call.
  • Listener: HMP acts like a server and listens/waits for clients to connect to it.
  • Rendezvous: Allows calling and listening at the same time.


To simplify firewall traversal, Rendezvous Mode allows HMP and the encoder to traverse a firewall without the need to open a network port

Latency125 ms

Specifies how long HMP buffers received packets. The size of this buffer adds up to the total latency. A minimum value must be 3 times the round-trip-time (RTT).

Range = 20–8000 ms


Latency is for the SRT protocol only and does not include the capture, encoding, decoding and display processes of the endpoint devices.


(Optional, must match encoder passphrase) This parameter is required if the stream is encrypted and is used to retrieve the cryptographic key protecting the stream.

Range = 10–79 UTF-8 characters

RTMP Source Settings


Only available in multi-site live configurations when a Media Gateway is selected in the Receiver dropdown.

Stream NameDesired name for the source stream.
ModeSelect the mode for connection to the RTMP stream:
  • Publisher: Stream sent directly to the Media Gateway's IP address. For more details regarding RTMP Publisher mode see Example: Connecting an RTMP Publisher Source in the Haivision Media Gateway User's Guide.
  • Consumer: Stream available for Media Gateway to access on an RTMP server.

RTSP Source Settings


Only available in multi-site live configurations when a Media Gateway is selected in the Receiver dropdown.

RTSP Username/PasswordThe username and password for the RTSP stream.



(Optional) To assign metadata to the source, select a key and select one or more values or (where allowed) type in custom values


Metadata keys and values must be pre-defined on your system. See Defining Metadata.


Auto DetectionOnWhen enabled, HMP attempts to automatically detect and update the HEVC/4K stream attributes in the checkboxes below. When disabled, these attributes must be specified manually.
Set-Top Box PCR Lock

If you notice that the latency on non-HLS streams sent to Haivision Play 2000/4000 STBs increases over time, you may enable PCR (Program Clock Reference) lock. This feature enhances synchronization for smoother playback, by optimizing timing accuracy in your video streams.


  • This feature may not work universally for all streams, so it's essential to test it before deploying to your production environment.
  • This feature does not apply to HLS streams.
Player Tuning

(For advanced users only) To change the STB player tuning profile used by the View Direct UDP source, select the desired profile from the drop-down list. See Adjusting STB Player Tuning for defining the available tuning profiles.


Only applies to View Direct UDP sources.

ActiveOffToggle to enable/disable watermarking for the source
MessageMessage to display on the watermark.
AnchorTop Left

Location to place the watermark on the video source: Top Left, Top Right, Center, Bottom Left, or Bottom Right.

OrientationHorizontalOrientation of the text on the video source: Horizontal or Diagonal.
Transparency100%Transparency of the watermark on the video source in percent. Range: 0-100.
Font ColorWhiteFont color of the watermark.
Font Size12Font size of the watermark.
IncludesAll enabledCheckboxes to enable/disable the display of user- and time-specific data in the watermark: Username, IP Address, and Date.
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