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Adjusting STB Player Tuning


  • For advanced users only. Changing the STB tuning configuration impacts the reliability of video playback. Please contact Haivision Support for guidance prior to using this feature.
  • This tuning only affects View Direct UDP sources.

STB tuning profiles may be selected for each View Direct UDP source as shown in Source Settings

To view the current tuning profiles:

  1. Click the 
    icon and select Administration.
  2. Click Configuration and click Player Tuning.
  3. Click the Download default config link next to Current Tuning Profiles.
    The current tuning profile JSON file is downloaded by your browser.

To adjust the available tuning profiles for your sources:

  1. On the Player Tuning screen, drag a tuning configuration file to the drop area or click Choose a file and select the file.


    The tuning configuration file must be valid JSON.

  2. Click the Upload button.
    The new tuning profiles are now used for each source.

To reset the tuning profiles to default:

  1. On the Player Tuning screen, click the Reset All button.
  2. Confirm your action in the confirmation dialog.
    The default tuning profiles are now used for each source.
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