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Managing Sources

A source is an incoming unicast or multicast video stream or IPTV channel that can be recorded or viewed live. When setting up Haivision Media Platform, you need to define the streaming A/V sources to be available for content creators and other users to view and capture.

When adding a source, you can assign a name, description, IP address and port, and protocol type. By default, the source has an HMP receiver, but for multi-site live distribution, you can associate the source with a Media Gateway receiver. When editing the source information, you can add metadata and change the access permissions of the source.

The supported protocol types are UDP or SRT. With UDP, you can select multicast or unicast streaming. SRT optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks, including the public Internet.

You can also configure the source to display EPG data on Haivision Play Set-Top Boxes from Haivision servers.


Users can view source content before creating a session on the Library screen. See Previewing Sources in the User's Guide.

To view and manage sources:

  1. Click the
     icon and select Administration screen from the navigation drop-down menu.
  2. Click Configuration on the toolbar and then click Sources on the sidebar.
    The Sources list opens, displaying the list of defined sources for your platform (see following example).
    Example Admin Sources List
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