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Previewing Sources


Sources are the available incoming video streams or IPTV channels that you can use to generate a session.

From the Library, you can select and preview sources in a multi-viewer layout before creating a session.


Administrators can also edit source information and metadata from here. For details, see Editing Session Information and Metadata.

To preview sources:

  1. On the Library screen, click Sources on the menu bar.
    Previewing Sources
  2. Locate each source to view in the Sources list, hover the mouse over the item, and click the 

    Check Mark
     icon to select it. Click View on the action bar.
    To preview a single source, you can also click the 
    icon to open the player.

    The Source Viewer opens, with the selected source(s) playing in the player window.


    HEVC sources are not viewable in the browser.

    In the Available Sources list:

    • Green status icons indicate active sources.
    • Green text indicates sources that are already in the source viewer.
    • To search for a source, click the
      Search Icon
       icon and type in the source name.
    • As you mouse over the list, the icons change to either:
    • Add
       on sources that are not yet in the viewer, or
    • X
       on sources that are in the viewer.
  3. To add another source or remove a source from the viewer, select the source name in the list.

    Each source that you select starts to play (up to four sources). Additional sources are added as thumbnails to the source strip (below the player).

    • You can drag a thumbnail from the source strip to the player to replace a source or add it to the viewer.
    • You can click a thumbnail to add it to an empty location. (On a mobile device, since you can only have one player in the viewer, it will replace the player.)
    • To reorder players in the viewer, you can click the
       icon in the upper left corner and drag a source.
    • For a large source list, you can slide the strip to the left or right by clicking the arrows at either end of the row.
  4. To remove a source from the viewer, click the

     icon in the top right corner of the player.

    The source moves to the source strip below the viewer.

    • To return it to the viewer, click the thumbnail in the source strip or drag it to the viewer.
    • To remove it from the session, click the
       icon next to the thumbnail.

    Or click the source name in the Available Sources list.

To create a new session using the source(s):

  1. Click +Session (in the bar above the Available Sources list).
    When you select one or more sources on the Sources list, click Create Session on the action bar.

    This opens the Add Session Information dialog (for details, see Adding a Session).

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