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Adding a Source

A source is an incoming unicast or multicast video stream or IPTV channel that can be recorded or viewed live. Haivision Media Platform provides access to video streams originating from Haivision Makito and Makito X encoders or other systems that produce compatible MPEG-TS video streams. When setting up HMP, you need to specify the streaming A/V sources to be available for content creators and others to view and capture.

To add a source:

  1. On the Administration page, click Configuration on the toolbar and then click Sources on the sidebar.
  2. From the Sources list, click the
  3. On the Add Source dialog, enter the Name, Description, IP Address, and Port for the source. Leave the default Receiver (HMP) and Type (UDP).
    • For a unicast stream, uncheck the Multicast Stream checkbox.
    • To configure the source as an IPTV channel (available for viewing from a Haivision Play Set-Top Box), check the IPTV checkbox.
    • To display EPG data on set-top boxes, toggle the EPG button to On and select the Schedule. (EPG must be licensed on your system.)
    • For the Haivision Play Set-Top Box, to use the source URL directly instead of an HLS version, check the View Direct checkbox.
    Add Source dialog
  4. Click Add Source.

The new source is added to the Sources list:

After a source is available, the system is ready for streaming, scheduling, and recording live events.


Multicast playback is a licensed feature and must be purchased separately. Please contact Haivision for more information. Multicast playback requires at least one Haivision Media Gateway. Also the Haivision Helper application must be installed on each user’s computer. The Helper application is available from the Haivision Support Portal at: For more information, see the Haivision Helper Documentation.

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