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Configuring Feeds and Activating the Portal

The Portal is an optional feature that Haivision Media Platform administrators can use to create and maintain a custom landing (home) page for your organization. The Portal displays thumbnails of selected videos, sessions, and sources – grouped by video feed. When enabled, the Portal is the first screen users see after they sign into HMP.  Viewers can browse feeds, search for items, and launch the video, session, or source. For the Portal user workflow, see Exploring the Web Interface in the User's Guide.

HMP Example Portal Screen

From the Administration's Feeds pane, administrators can create, change access permissions, and manage Portal feeds, including turning the Portal on and off. After turning on the Portal, content managers can populate the feeds and promote items to "Suggested" and "Featured" using the Library's Feeds editor. For details, see Managing Feeds in the User's Guide.

To view and manage the Portal:

  1. Click the 
     icon and select Administration from the navigation drop-down menu.
  2. Click Configuration on the toolbar and then Feeds on the sidebar. The Feeds pane opens, displaying the list of defined feeds, if any.
  3. To activate the Portal, toggle the Portal Access button to On
    The Portal option is added to the navigation bar when not on the Administration screen.
  4. To allow Feed permissions to take precedence over the Access Permissions assigned to individual videos, sessions, or sources, toggle the Use Feed Permission button to On.


    By default, viewing permissions are enforced from the video asset itself, and users are prevented from watching content that they do not have access to. However, the Use Feed Permission toggle option allows administrators to reverse this. This setting saves content managers from having to change access permissions for all individual items in feeds. Instead, they simply edit the access permissions of the feed.

The next step is to begin adding feeds.

To add a video feed:

  1. On the Feeds pane, click the 
  2. On the Add Feed dialog, type in a name for the feed.
    Add Feed Dialog
  3. Click Add Feed.
    The new feed is added to the Feeds list.
  4. To change access permissions for a feed, click on the feed from the list, and on the Information pane, click the Access tab. Follow the steps in Sharing Items in the User's Guide.


    See the note in the previous section regarding Feed Permissions.

  5. To change the feed display order, on the Feeds list, click the
    Up and Down Arrow
     icon for a feed and drag it to adjust the order of the list.

For details on populating the feeds using the Library's Feeds editor, see Managing Feeds in the User's Guide.

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