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Update a Route

Use this command to update an individual route.


You must include all route details (source and destinations configurations) with your update. That is, if destinations are excluded, they will be deleted from the route.

Authorizations: Administrator, Operator


POST /api/devices/[Device ID]/updates
cookie: sessionID: [Session ID]

 "action": "update",
"deviceID": "[Device ID]", "elementType": "route",
"elementID": "[Route ID]", "fields":
"name": "[Route name]",
<Source object>
"destinations": [
<Destination object list>


  • update
Update the specified element type.
deviceIDstringDevice ID retrieved via the Get Device Info command.
  • route
Update the route element.
elementIDstringRoute ID retrieved via the Get Device Configuration command
namestringName of route.
sourceobjectSource object model. See Source Object Model for definition.
destinationsstringOptional, if no destinatsions are desired in the route. Destinations object model. See Destinations Object Model for definition.


  "status": "[success message]"


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