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Get Device Info

Retrieves information about the appliance. Use the Device ID value from the _id property to reference the device in subsequent API calls.

Authorizations: Administrator, Operator, Observer


GET /api/devices
cookie: sessionID: [Session ID]




  "_id": "[Device ID]", 
  "type": "gateway", 
  "ip": "", 
  "name": "Haivision Gateway", 
  "lastConnectedAt": [Date/time shown in Unix time], 
  "statusCode": "ok", 
  "status": "Online", 
  "statusDetails": "Connection has been established in the last 1 minutes.", 
  "serialNumber": null, 
  "firmware": "5.0.180611.1530", 
  "hasAdminError": false, 
  "pendingSync": false, 
  "lastConnection": "<1m" 

Device ID.

typestringDevice type.

IP address of the device.


The IP address is from the front end to the backend, so is expected.

namestringName of device.
lastConnectedAtnumberLast time connected to the device in Unix time.
statusCodestringDevice status code: warn, error, ok, or unknown.
statusstringDevice status: Online, Device error, Offline, Never, or Communication error.
statusDetailsstringDevice status details.
serialNumberstringDevice serial number.
firmwarestringDevice firmware version.
hasAdminErrorBooleanIndicates if device has an error.
pendingSyncBooleanIndicates if there is a device pending a sync task.
lastConnectionstringLast time connected to the device in string format (e.g., "<1m").


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