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Establishing the Source

  1. If you followed the steps in Creating your Workspace (Optional), switch to the Makito X4 Encoder's browser tab. Else, enter the URL for the Makito X4 encoder web interface and log in when prompted.
  2. On the Makito X4 Encoder's navigation sidebar, click Outputs.
    Makito Encoder outputs
  3. The view pane lists the available streams. For this example, we are going to add a stream that uses TS over SRT. Click the 

     button. If you have an existing SRT stream, you can modify it instead.


    Refer to your Makito X4 Encoder documentation for more information on adding streams if you are new to this process.

  4. When the New Stream screen opens:
    • In the Content section, provide a (1) stream name. For (2) video, select an active video encoder.
    • In the Streaming Parameters section, specify the (3) TS Over SRT protocol, the (4) mode as "Caller," enter the (5) address for the Media Gateway/SRT Gateway (in the Cloud) and a (6) destination port.


    If needed, switch to the appropriate browser tab or enter the URL for the cloud-hosted gateway to acquire this information.

  5. Click Apply.

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