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Multicast Workflow

The following workflow steps you through an encoder sending an SRT stream to a hosted instance of Media Gateway/SRT Gateway on the cloud, which routes each destination segment. At the remote sites, a Media Gateway/SRT Gateway (on the corporate LAN) converts the SRT protocol to a format compatible with the local viewing devices.

A general overview of this workflow is provided in the following diagram:

In the above diagram, the cloud-based Media Gateway/SRT Gateway (located on the Public Internet or as a Haivision Video Cloud (HVC) hosted option) is optional and only recommended for individuals who want to "own" the distribution or have concerns about low latency. A Media Gateway/SRT Gateway can also be hosted on the LAN to allow multi-sites distribution.


The various receivers are not always SRT-capable, but Media Gateway/SRT Gateway can accept inbound SRT streams and flip these streams into a format compatible with internal receivers.

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