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Get Destination Statistics

Retrieves statistics about a specific route's destination.


With HMG/HSG version 3.7.4+, you can use the destination name in the request to return its statistics. If special characters are used in the destination name (for example, +, ?, &), ensure you use a URL-encoded format in the request.

Authorizations: Administrator, Operator, Observer


GET /api/gateway/[Device ID]/statistics?routeID=[Route ID]&destinationID=
[Destination ID]
cookie: sessionID: [Session ID]


GET /api/gateway/[Device ID]/statistics?routeID=[Route ID]&destinationName=
[Destination Name]
cookie: sessionID: [Session ID]


Device IDstringDevice ID retreived via the Get Device Info command.
Route IDstringRoute ID retrieved via the Get Device Configuration command.
Destination IDstringDestination ID retrieved via the Get Route Statistics command.
Destination NamestringDestination name. 


Response varies depending on which protocol is used. See Destinations Statistics Object Model for parameter definitions of the destination statistics object.

  "collectedAt": [Date/time in Unix time],
  "destination": {
    <Destination Statistics Object>

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