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System Settings Screens

The System Settings screens allow you to configure various options for your Haivision EMS. System settings are grouped into five categories listed in the toolbar at the top of the screen. The currently selected category is indicated as bold and underlined. The view pane displays the appropriate fields or items for your chosen category. Likewise, selections made in the view pane may also alter the available fields or options in the view pane. 

To view and configure system settings, click System Settings in the side menu. The available screens and subsequent sections are:

CertificatesCertificate Management – Allows you to generate, import and install TLS security certificates. See Managing Certificates

License Status – View and copy license and product details.

Import License – Import and deploy a new system license. See Managing Licenses


General – View and modify network settings, including hostname, default interface and NTP and DNS servers. See Configuring Network Settings.

Interfaces – Add and modify network interfaces. See Creating a Bonded Interface.

Static Routes – Add and modify static routes. See Network Settings.


Appliance – Enable or disable FIPS and High Security (STIG) Environment. See the Appliance section in Security Settings.

Web Server – Configure HTTP/HTTPS ports and SSL protocols and ciphers. See the Web Server section in Security Settings.

Advisory Notice & Consent Banner – Enter a banner to be displayed to users before proceeding to the Sign In screen. 


Installed Bundle – The currently installed software version and build number.

Update Software – Upload and install a software package bundle. See Installing System Updates.

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