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Creating a Bonded Interface

Interface bonding provides a method for aggregating multiple network interfaces into a single logical interface. The goal is to increase throughput and to ensure redundancy in case one of the links fails.

To create a bonded interface:

  1. In the side menu, click System Settings.
  2. Click Network in the navigation toolbar.
  3. Verify that the correct interface (for example, em1) is currently selected.
  4. Click the Bond Interface: Add action link.

    The bond0 tab appears and the Bond Interface: Remove action link appears next to the Add action link
  5. In the Default Interface drop-down menu, select bond0.
  6. Click the bond0 tab to reveal the bonding-specific fields (such as Bonding Mode and Slave Interfaces) and set as appropriate. See Network Settings for more information.
  7. Click the Save Settings button.
  8. Click Reboot to have your changes take effect.
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