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_account_CLI MK4 cmd

The account command is used to create, delete, and modify user accounts for Makito X Series devices.


Only an administrator can use the account command.


Makito X Series devices ship from the factory with only the admin account enabled. For security reasons, the two default user accounts (user and operator) are locked at the factory as well as after a factory reset. An administrator must unlock them and change the passwords to use them for the first time.


account uname create [role=admin]
account uname/all get
account uname/all list
account uname passwd
account uname pubkey add|remove keyfile
account uname pubkey list
account uname lock
account uname unlock
account uname delete




Creates a new user account. See Parameters below for roles. You will be prompted to enter and confirm the initial password.


Displays the account information for the user or the Makito X device, including account name, role, state, password expiry status, and public key(s).


Lists the account information for the user or the Makito X device in table format.


Modifies the user account password. You will be prompted to enter and confirm the password (which the user will have to change upon first login). For the allowed characters, see "Changing Your Password" (link below).

pubkey add|remove keyfile

Adds or removes a public key to the user account. See "Managing Public Key Authentication" (link below) for more information.

pubkey list

Lists any public key files that have been uploaded for this account.


Locks the user account (if Enabled).


Unlocks the user account (if Locked).


Deletes the user account.





Use with the account create command to specify the role for the user account, either:

  • Administrator
  • Operator
  • Guest

For details on roles, see "Role-based Authorization" (link below).


# account all list

Returns the list of all accounts, for example:

name               role            state      pwd expiry     pubk
------------------ --------------- ---------- -------------- ----
admin Administrator Enabled never Yes
jdube Guest Enabled never No
mrmichel Operator Enabled by admin No
operator Operator Locked never No
user Guest Enabled never No
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