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hai1000 Encoder/Decoder Series

Welcome to the documentation for the hai1000 series™ High Performance Multi-Stream Encoder/Decoder, Version 8.2. The hai1000 series is a high performance encoder/decoder system that compresses and encapsulates multiple audio, video, and data display feeds, and transmits the resulting streams across the IP network or to other industry standard devices. The hai1000 series is equipped with up to five Encoder/Decoder, Encoder only, Decoder only, or Dual-Encoder / Dual-Decoder modules (“blades”), depending on the application. The hai1060 is a 3U (rack unit) system with six slots (a Host and five service slots), while the hai1020 is a 1U (rack unit) system with two slots. The hai1000 series supports the Piranha and Mako codecs.

  • The Piranha™ video system provides low latency video compression for IP transport and incorporates full support for combined metadata applications such as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance), UAV (Unmanned Airborne Vehicle), and KLV (Key-Length-Value) systems. The metadata is incorporated within the MPEG-2 transport stream assuring timecode accuracy. The Piranha features advanced networking features such as logical multicast and traffic shaping, and supports KLV data via a serial port and line 21 closed-caption data from the video signal.

  • The Mako™ is a high performance encoder/decoder (codec) designed for interactive communications, up to 1080p H.264, providing interactive sessions between remote sites. The Mako is designed for video conferencing within boardrooms, telepresence suites, classrooms, control rooms, and medical operating theaters. 


Documentation for the hai1000 series is available as PDFs in the following list. For documentation of previous versions, please create a support ticket in the Haivision Support Portal.

For security purposes, Haivision strongly advises you to change the default passwords during initial configuration.

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