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Verification of Policies (from the CLI)


You also need to configure the remote HTTPS server to use HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS). Enabling the HSTS policy instructs the browser to only communicate via HTTPS. 

Enter the following command:
$ policy https set hsts=yes

You can also configure HSTS using the Web Interface on all Makito X and Makito X4 devices with the exception of the Makito X4 Decoder (as of Release 1.2).

To verify your policy settings, do the following:

  1. Enter the following command:
    $ policy all get

  2. Verify that the policy settings shown correspond to what you had configured.


    $ policy all get
       Compliance     : ndpp11
       SSLv3          : Disallowed
       TLSv1.0        : Yes
       TLSv1.1        : Yes
       TLSv1.2        : Yes
       HSTS           : Yes
       Quality        : Strong
       MinLen         : 10
       MinUppers      : 1 
       MinDigits      : 0 
       MinSymbols     : 1
       Expiry         : Yes
       Lifetime       : 30
       Autologout     : Yes 
       IdleTimeout    : 20

See also policy in the CLI Command Reference in the associated User's Guide.

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