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Before You Start

Before beginning the process of hardening a Makito X Series device, make sure you have the following:

  • a trusted computer from which to issue hardening commands to the device,
  • an Ethernet or serial cable (available on some encoder models) to establish the trusted-computer-to-device connection, 


    Some devices have a serial port, while others do not. See the associated installation or quick start guide. 

  • password policy criteria, including minimum password length, minimum number of uppercase/digits/symbols, and expiration period (in days),
  • session policy criteria, including the period of inactivity (in minutes) after which an administrative user should be automatically logged out,
  • account policy criteria, including the period of inactivity (in days) after which an account should automatically be disabled,
  • an organization cryptographic policy, if any; users can either consult the compliance profile to find one that matches, or can define a custom profile,
  • a username and password chosen for the initial Administrator account,
  • an X.509 certificate (preferred); as an alternative, a self-signed, self-generated certificate can be used for the hardening procedure,
  • an Ethernet cable to establish a network connection,
  • a static IP address, network mask, and gateway address for the device, or a DHCP server IP address,
  • an NTP server IP address and time zone,
  • a host name for the device,
  • a domain name and DNS server address, if any, and
  • an audit (syslog) server address and its root CA certificate.

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