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Accessing the Makito X

The Makito X Series encoder or decoder can be accessed via the Web Interface or Command Line Interface (CLI). Either interface can be used for the hardening procedure (with the exception of securing the Makito X encoder Snapshot feature, which must be done via the CLI).

Web Interface actions and CLI commands are divided into two main groups: operation and administration. Typically, operation commands are managed by Operators, and administration by Administrators.

  • Operation commands are used to manage the audio/video data path, processing, and features (audio/video/metadata content selection, logo, audio/video encoding/decoding, streaming, image snapshots, etc.). The effects of operation commands are immediate, but not persistent between reboots unless the current operating configuration is explicitly saved.
  • Administration commands address the security and network configuration. Their effects are persistent but not always immediate—some require a system reboot to take effect.

Please refer to the Important Notice (postcard included in the box or available from the Download Center on the Haivision Support Portal) for the default sign-in credentials.


Makito X Series devices ship from the factory with only the admin account enabled. For security reasons, the two default user accounts (user and operator) are locked at the factory as well as after a factory reset. An administrator must unlock them and change the passwords to use them for the first time. 


For security purposes, be sure to change the default passwords! See "Changing Your Password" in the associated User's Guide.

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