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Alarm Messages



Read-only SD card

Unlock the SD card inserted into the unit.

Receiver not defined

Please see Adding a Destination Profile

Bad video synchronization

  • Check that the video cable(s) are properly connected to the camera and to the unit.
  • On the Web Interface, check that the video input standard is properly identified.

Connection to receiver failed

Edit the profile to connect to the receiver in the settings of the unit: select another channel or select the Auto-connect option (see Adding a Destination Profile.

Receiver not available

Call the MCR. Make sure that the StreamHub is turned on and reachable.

No interface connected

  • Check that the network interfaces of the unit are enabled.
  • Check that the SIM card is identified and that the modem is properly connected to network.
  • Check the Ethernet cable.

Failed to connect to the server

  • The bandwidth is not sufficient to connect to the server.
  • Wrong IP address or port set for the StreamHub. Check that destination profile settings are properly configured.

Authentication failed

  • Check username and password entered for the Destination profile used.
  • Ensure you use a StreamHub for which AES is not activated.

Connection to server failed (max devices reached)

There are no more available channels on the server to connect a unit. Select another receiver (see Adding a Destination Profile).

Connection to server failed (Invalid license / expired license / no license found)

  • The license applied on the server is invalid, expired or there is no locense applied on the server.
  • You cannot connect the unit to this server until a valid license is applied on the server.

Connection to input closed by server

The unit has been disconnected from the server by the user of the StreamHub.

Connection lost

The unit has been disconnected from the Internet Network. Check your internet connection.

Connection to input not authorized for this product

The unit tries to connect to a receiver's channel not available for this type of product.

Edit the profile to connect to the receiver in the settings of the unit: select another channel (see Adding a Destination Profile).

Error: check server profile

The server profile is not configured properly (see Adding a Destination Profile).

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