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Adding a Destination Profile

To add a destination Profile from the Unit Panel, or from the Web Interface, see the sections below. 

Unit Panel

  1. From the Home menu, tap
  2. Tap

    to configure the new destination profile settings (see Destination Profile Settings for details on each destination type).

  3. Tap
    to save the new destination profile settings.

Web Interface

  1. Click on Settings > Destination.
  2. Click the
  3. Enter a Name for the Profile.
  4. Select the type of Destination Profile (StreamHub, Manager, or SRT Receiver).

  5. Configure the settings as shown in the table below in Destination Profile Settings.

  6. Click on Apply.

To select the newly created Destination Profile, see Selecting a Destination Profile.

Destination Profile Settings


  • These settings may have been changed by the system administrator.
  • Auto-connect option is selected to connect automatically to a receiver when the unit is powered.
StreamHubManagerSRT Receiver
  • StreamHub IP address or Hostname

  • Input assignment on the StreamHub (Automatic Assignment possible)

  • Auto-connect function (Enabling/Disabling)

  • Port used. Default: 7900

  • Username. Default: aviwest

  • Password. Default: safestreams

  • AES key if required

  • Manager IP address or Hostname

  • Auto-connect function (Enabling/Disabling)

  • Port used. Default: 9000

  • Username. Default: username

  • Password (if required). Default: password

  • SRT mode (Caller or Listener)
  • Host
  • SRT port
  • Ethernet port
  • Latency
  • SRT Encryption (and passphrase if enabled)
  • Stream ID (in Caller mode only)
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